Nailsea Festival of Music



Descriptors used for Marking  - New scheme for 2024

Developing:- 65-69      A performance demonstrating an awareness of technical skills, requiring more consistency and artistry.

Progressing:- 70-74      A performance showing development of technique and/or communication and commitment.

Merit:- 75-79                A competent performance, showing some artistic awareness and/or technical ability.

Commended:- 80-84    A convincing performance technically and artistically, with increasing stylistic and communication skills.

Honours:- 85-89          An excellent performance, demonstrating fluent technical and artistic skills with emerging individuality.

Outstanding:- 90-94     An impressive performance technically and artistically, displaying spontaneity and clear individuality.

Exceptional:- 95+         A superlative performance, displaying exceptional artistic individuality.



1       The Festival is open to amateur performers only.  For this purpose, amateur is defined as a person who does not make his/her living by performing or teaching in the discipline involved.  A teacher may be allowed to enter, at the Festival's discretion, if playing a different instrument from that upon which he/she makes his/her living.  This rule does not apply to conductors.

2       Competitors may not perform a piece more than once in the Festival, neither can set pieces be performed in a class other than that for which they are specified.

3       Competitors may only perform once in any class, however they may enter a duet or ensemble class more than once with a different partner.

4       Competitors should announce the title of the piece, and the composer/writer before they perform it.

5       Time limits shown must be strictly observed and that part of the performance exceeding the time limit may be ignored at the discretion of the adjudicator.  Failure to abide by the stated time limit could risk disqualification.


         (i) Entries will not be accepted without full details of title and composer/writer being shown on the entry form.


         (iii) Entrants may not choose test pieces specified for other classes.

         (iv) Entrants may not perform the same 'own choice' in more than one class.

         (v) Please see special copyright rules for each section.

7       The Festival must observe copyright law, and therefore cannot permit any photography, audio or video recordings.  Any person who disregards this rule could cause a class to be declared void.  However performers must be prepared to appear before the cameras of the media and/or agents of the Festival, (but see Page 4 paragraph 6).

8       The age range for classes should be strictly observed and age will be reckoned as on 1 September immediately prior to Festival day.  The Festival may request sight of a birth certificate in order to verify this, should any challenge be made.

9       The grading of piano and instrumental classes entered should reflect the general ability of the competitor.  Entry into a grade above that already achieved in examination is encouraged, but it is not considered within the spirit of the Festival to enter a class at a lower grade than that already achieved.

10     The adjudicator's decision will be final in all classes.

11     No competitor, teacher, or other interested party may discuss any Festival matters with the adjudicator before, during or after classes, unless specifically invited to do so by the adjudicator.

12     The fee for each class is shown against that class.  Entry fees are not refundable, and any cheque returned by the Festival's bankers will incur an administration fee.

13     The closing date for entries is 12th October 2024.

14     Entries must be on the official form, or a photocopy thereof with the correct fees, or online.  Online entries will not be deemed accepted until the fees are paid in full to the Festival.

15     Tickets and timetables will be sent out to competitors and teachers no later than one week before the date of the Festival.  If none are received by this deadline, please contact the relevant section secretary.

16     Competitors should ensure that they arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of their class in case of early running where previous classes have finished sooner than expected.

17     Classes will run in the order decided by the committee, which also reserves the right to limit, cancel, split or combine any class(es).  Competitors should perform in the order given in the programme, details of which will be issued at least one week prior to the Festival.

18     The committee reserves the right to refuse entry to the Festival without giving a reason.

19     The decision of the committee is final in all matters, including the interpretation of the Rules.

20     Any complaints should be put in writing to the Festival Secretary, and will be fully investigated, subject to the payment of a deposit of 10, which will be refunded in the event that the complaint is upheld.

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